Kalt print+online
we design

For us visualisation means the art of making something visible on paper and in digital form.

So that our work looks great and can be appreciated, careful design is needed.

As a team we can start from the beginning or help you develop already existing design ideas.

Our knowledge and expertise are fundamental to a creative and productive process. There are almost no boundaries to what we can achieve.

we print

Since 1747 our name is synonymous for high quality printing products: letterpress developed into offset printing and since 2008 we print digitally.

Printing methods have changed but our attention to quality remains paramount.

You decide on the quantity and colours. Combine that with the right paper and our traditional quality and you will receive a beautiful printed product.

we finish

We will not rest until the job is completely finished.

Good ideas are only as good as the finished product or the service associated with it.

This is why the final production and finishing is of great importance to us.

we forward

Forwarding of the final product to the client is the last task to be organised. You can leave this step to us as well: be that for addressed distribution or freight forwarding, locally or internationally.

We create in-house all the necessary documents, track the distribution and ensure delivery of the goods on time.

We constantly optimise the packaging according to our motto: as little as necessary, as light as possible.

we network

After design, production and printing, the network carries the Information to the various business partners.

To ensure the highest quality possible on a daily basis, we offer various services related to online communication.

we publish

There are so many interesting topics, remarkable images and objects of art - large and small.

To bring these to print demands craftsmanship – something we have proudly been doing for generations.

We take care and oversee the publication and combine the various aspects of administration – you can rely on us!

Telefon 041 727 26 26    kundenzone@kalt.ch